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Dream Job: Physician Assistant, University of Colorado Children's Hospital

In our Dream Job series Project Pageantry interviews professionals in careers that you're interested in. This month we interview bi-lingual Physician Assistant and small-town native AnnaMaria Salas from the University of Colorado Children's Hospital to find out how she became a medical professional even when the odds were stacked against her, and how you can, too.

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Dream Job: Internet Editor, The American Quarter Horse Association

In our Dream Job series Project Pageantry interviews professionals in careers that you're interested in. This month we interview American Quarter Horse Association Internet Editor, AQHA youth working cow horse world champion, and writer-photographer extraordinaire Tara Matsler to find out what it takes to be part of the MRA- and PRCA-sponsor organization.

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Adjust Each Others' Crown

Every year Project Pageantry sponsors the Caldwell Night Rodeo Queen contest’s Miss Congeniality award. We could have just as easily sponsored the speech award since those career-focused soft skills are in our advice-giving wheelhouse. But, we don’t! Why?

In life and in work, collaboration and cooperation is the most efficient way to get work done. We all have skills that allow us to contribute to our future team, but most of can’t do everything, nor should we have to. This is the value of a well-rounded team. 

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5 Quick, Yet Powerful Ways to Improve Your Interview

Whether you're comfortable with interviews or not, if you don't practice, you leave points on the table that can mean the difference between titleholder and 1st Runner-Up. Use these five pointers to improve and practice your skills so you ace the interview portion of the contest---or other important interview.

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So, You Want to Be A Rodeo Queen?

There’s more to becoming a rodeo queen than meets the eye. The public sees the parades, the rodeo appearances, the autograph signing, the pictures, and the 50-50 raffle-ticket and program selling, but contests aren’t won or lost based on how well a girl smiles and waves.

Learn what it takes to be a rodeo queen and how to prepare for your first checklist.

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Why Project Pageantry?

It's in this vein of thinking that caused me to launch Project Pageantry. The rodeo queen community, and pageant world more holistically, can be cutthroat. Any time you get high-achieving, competitive women together and measure them against each other to determine a winner, tensions rise. Add something these women love to the mix, like horses (or a specific talent, such as dance or singing), and it's pretty much the perfect storm. But, I don't think it has to be.

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