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Master Extemporaneous Speaking

Presented with the task of impromptu or extemporaneous speech, competitors, rodeo queen contestant or not, assume there’s no way to prepare except to practice. You can plan equally well for impromptu as all other speech types by pre-building pieces of information. Learn how…

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The Cost of Comparison

Rodeo queen pageants are a game of comparison. Not just from the judges, as they score how well you ride, how well you speak, how much you know, and how put-together you look on a given day.

Leadership coach and mentor, Kelley Forseth shares advice on how to feel more comfortable in your own skin so you can get out of your own way.

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Sell Yourself on Paper: Master the Application and Cover Letter

As a judge and former Operations director at large companies, I’ve had to look at a lot of applications in a short period of time and have learned to quickly analyze how someone sells themselves on paper.

When we as managers or interviewers pick up a piece of paper we question, “Who is this person, and what do they represent?” Watch the video or read the blog to find out ways that you can capture our attention quickly in your cover letter, application, or resume to ensure that your piece of paper stays at the top of our pile. 

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Pageant Prep: Advice from a Lady-in-Waiting

So you’re competing for a pageant.


You’re embarking on a journey that will change your life.

The courage it takes to apply and compete for a title shows that you have what it takes to find success, in both the pageant and the ‘real’ world. Competing for and holding a title will bring you memories and experiences that’ll continue to benefit you throughout your life.

But, there are a few things you need to do first. 

My biggest advice to girls going into a competition is to be yourself! If you are confident in who you are, why you’re competing, and can have fun and smile while doing it, not much can bring you down, girlfriend.

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Get Rid of the Queen Voice in your Public Speaking

Do you or someone you know have queen voice while public speaking?

Johnny Rowing of the College of Western Idaho shares how you can use phrase, pitch, pace, and pause to improve your public speaking and musicality. 

Rowing is a communications and media arts instructor at CWI and was former director and coach of five-time Division II National Collegiate Speech & Debate Champion and two-time Reserve Champion teams.

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5 Quick, Yet Powerful Ways to Improve Your Interview

Whether you're comfortable with interviews or not, if you don't practice, you leave points on the table that can mean the difference between titleholder and 1st Runner-Up. Use these five pointers to improve and practice your skills so you ace the interview portion of the contest---or other important interview.

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Make a Great Impression as Visiting Royalty

Summer’s in full swing, which means you’ll make a lot, A LOT of appearances at rodeos, parades, and contests in the next few months.

When you visit a speech banquet as visiting royalty or go to another promotion event, the expectation that causes you the most anxiety is likely to introduction---or at least, that was the case for me. It doesn't have to be that way. Learn to make a great introduction.

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So, You Want to Be A Rodeo Queen?

There’s more to becoming a rodeo queen than meets the eye. The public sees the parades, the rodeo appearances, the autograph signing, the pictures, and the 50-50 raffle-ticket and program selling, but contests aren’t won or lost based on how well a girl smiles and waves.

Learn what it takes to be a rodeo queen and how to prepare for your first checklist.

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